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As Cevaheer Information Technologies, we ensure that our users benefit from our services without fail. We are working to protect the privacy of our users. In this direction, the present Cevaheer Privacy Policy is ready to inform our business and users completely in accordance with the law No. 6698 of the personal data of our members.

The objective of this Policy is to ensure that the platform members / visitors / users (all together referred to as "Data Holder") during the operation of the website operated by Cevaheer and the mobile application (collectively "Platform" Determine the terms and conditions of use of personal data that is shared or produced by Cevaheer while Data Owner is using the Platform.

Which Data are Processed?

Below is the list of the data handled by Cevaheer and considered personal by law. Unless expressly stated otherwise, this Policy shall cover the information contained in the "personal data" statement within the scope of the terms and conditions provided.

Identity Information

Communication information

User information

User Action Info

Transaction Security Information

Financial Information

Marketing Information

Demand / Complaint Management Information

Shall not be considered as personal data in accordance with the provisions of the said law in such a way that it can not be reversed within the scope of Articles 3 and 7 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and this shall be carried out without regard to the provisions of this Policy.

Personal Data Processing Objectives

Cevaheer, Data provided by Data Owner, creation and registration of membership record and account, Data Owner's system identification and detection of performance system errors, improvement of platform operation, maintenance and support services and services, the planning and implementation of the activities necessary to promote the use of appropriate persons for the products and services offered by Cevaheer, including their objectives, and the activities required to promote and promote persons customizable to the likes, habits and needs of the persons involved in the execution of the relevant business processes, to be involved in business and business associations of Cevaheer, for the business units concerned, It may be processed for planning and commercial purposes of AHEER's commercial and / or commercial strategies.

Personal Data and Processing Purposes to be Processed in the Risks of Data Owners

Under the Data Owner's explicit consent, Cevaheer is responsible for following the Platform actions of Data Owners to increase user experience, creating statistics, direct marketing and remarketing, creating Data Owner's special promotional suggestions and communicating to Data Owner, all kinds of advertisements and content of the data are prepared and processed and shared with the mentioned parties.

Transfer of Personal Data:

Cevaheer, the data provided by the Data Owner and any new data obtained by using such personal data may be transferred to third parties to whom Cevaheer services may be used in order to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, for the sole purpose of providing such services. Cevaheer is responsible for developing the Data Owner experience (including remediation and personalization), ensuring VeriShip's security, detecting fraudulent or unauthorized uses, investigating operational reviews, resolving errors in Platform services, and performing any of the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy Outsourcing service providers, including SMS subscribers, will be able to share with third parties such as hosting service providers (hosting services), law firms, research companies, call centers.

Personal data may only be shared with Cevaheer Company officials, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, legally authorized public bodies and organizations and law enforcement authorities within the framework of the personal data processing requirements and purposes set forth in Articles 8 and 9 of the Act. in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 9 of the Convention on the Protection of Personal Data.

Collection Method of Personal Data and Legal Cause

Personal data is collected on the platform and in the electronic environment. Personal data collected by the legal reasons stated above can be processed and transferred in the 5th and 6th items of Law No. 6698 and for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Owner Rights

According to Article 11 of the Law,

To learn whether personal data related to them is being processed, to request information about personal data if it has been processed,

To learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purposes, to know the third parties to whom personal data are transmitted in the country or abroad,

Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed, and requesting that third parties be notified of the processing carried out in this context,

Request the deletion or cancellation of personal data in the event that it is committed in accordance with the provisions of the Law and other applicable laws, and if the reasons for its processing are not met, requesting that the processing carried out in this context be notified to third parties,

By analyzing processed data exclusively through automated systems, you have the right to object to the occurrence of a result against yourself and to request that the damage be resolved in the event of injury, as personal data is processed in contravention of the blood.

Requests for the use of such rights may be transmitted by means of the methods specified in the Policy on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data prepared by Cevaheer under Law No. 6698, which is available at by the personal data owners. Cevaheer will conclude the request within thirty days. Cevaheer reserves the right to charge a fee based on the (if any) fee determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in connection with the claims.

Changes in Consent and Privacy Policy

Cevaheer's Privacy Policy ("Policy") aims to provide users with a detailed description of the scope and purpose of Cookie usage and to inform users about Cookie preferences. In this respect, it is accepted that the cookie notification notice contained in the Platform is closed and the use of the Cookie is consented to the use of the Site. Users always have the option of changing Cookie preferences.

Cevaheer can change the time it wishes the Policy provisions. The current Policy shall take effect on the date published in the Platform.


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