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Welcome to the online trading platform

These Terms of Service are a contract that describes the terms and conditions of use between CEVAHER TECHNOLOGIES and users. Please read these terms before using the platform.

Cevaheer - Acceptance of the Membership Agreement

You agree to the terms of this Membership Agreement by accessing the Diamond Price Lists, sales reports, and supplier information provided to you by Cevaheer on


This Agreement may be amended from time to time and the amendments will be posted on the Cevaheer website,, unless you make a written notice within 3 working days, you agree that such amendments are part of the contractual obligations.


The term "Cevaheer" or "Service Provider" when used in this Agreement includes the following:

All Cevaheer Network Services;

Including all Cevaheer and Cevaheer pricing and information services;

Representatives and consultants of Cevaheer or consultants of any company or company of Cevaheer or partly of Cevaheer;

All liability and responsibility in this agreement applies to the rejected Cevaheer.

The term "Cevaheer" or "Service Provider" when used in this Agreement includes the following:

"Service" means the services provided by Cevaheer.

"Membership Packet Area" or "Cevaheer member" means the user, person and / or company applying for or using the Service.

"Information" refers to any price list, diamond lists, price information, news, commercial information, Cevaheer data, or any other information or data provided by Cevaheer

Service Description

Cevaheer allows the Membership Pack Participant to access the Information to enable the Buyer to purchase, sell, list, and pricelize diamonds.

Cevaheer does not guarantee the quality, correctness and reliability of any information provided, and this information is not a valuation or a value guarantee.

Diamond grading and pricing are based on subjective methods. The accuracy of this information provided by Cevaheer's expertise is not guaranteed and the responsibility is not accepted.

Cevaheer does not guarantee the quality, integrity or credibility of any member of any trade network. All of the Services provided are uninterrupted, as is the Cevaheer guarantee or warranty. The "Membership Pack" area acknowledges that Cevaheer is not responsible for any additional, indirect or other damages. Cevaheer's liability for any damages is strictly limited to the membership fees paid to Cevaheer.

Access to Service

Access to the Service is provided to Parties receiving the existing "Membership Pack". The party receiving the "Membership Pack" must provide all the telephone, computer, modem and other software and hardware necessary to access and use the Service on its own.

 The "Membership Pack" fields must fill out a membership form for access to membership and service and must have the company's tax levy installed on the "Tax Label" download area on the membership form page. Cevaheer will not share this information with third parties without obtaining the permission of the Party receiving the "Membership Pack". Cevaheer reserves the right, at any time, to publish information about the Parties receiving the "Membership Pack" for any reason.

Cevaheer reserves the right to refuse, restrict, suspend, limit or terminate any or all of the services provided to Parties receiving the "Membership Package" at any time for any reason without the remuneration paid by the parties receiving the "Membership Package". In addition, Cevaheer has the right to terminate the membership of the Parties receiving a "Membership Pack" that violates any of the provisions of this Agreement. Cevaheer also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to publish to third parties the membership information of the Party receiving the Lis "Membership Package", which breaches any provision of this Agreement or the Code of Commerce.

 The "Membership Pack" shall not disclose or share to any third party any accesses or passwords of the Parties. Password usage is strictly limited to registered members. Diamond Dealers from the "Membership Pack" area side; if more than one user requires access to company data, they must purchase additional member packages from the account information section at the Cevaheer web page for an additional fee. If the "Membership Pack" is a jeweler on the receiving side, any additional members must purchase a new package for the request.

 "Membership Pack" domains will not disclose any information or derivatives contained in Cevaheer to unauthorized third parties. Cevaheer reserves the right to ask for additional license agreements for the persons authorized to file the information contained in the system.

 "Membership Pack" fields can not download Cevaheer sales lists; lists or any Cevaheer data to third parties.

 "Membership Pack" fields can not share the names or contact information of other Cevaheer members with third parties. They can not send e-mails to other members.

 "Membership Pack" domains may not access, use, store, share, or distribute Cevaheer Member information without the permission of the Service Provider.

Membership package owners are obliged to fully comply with any additional trade rules, procedures or service requirements published by this contract and the terms and conditions required by this contract.

In consideration of the terms of this contract, Cevaheer grants a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, retractable membership package for the duration of this contract for the use of the "Membership Pack" and this "Membership Pack" must be used for the Party's own personal and internal purposes only.

Diamond Lists or Information

Diamonds of other Cevaheer members may not be downloaded or used in any commercial software to be listed on any competitive diamond trade network without the prior written consent of Cevaheer.

 Parties receiving a "Membership Pack" may only display on websites or in stores that the Party itself owns the "Membership Pack".

 "Membership Pack" domains can not sell or otherwise distribute any information or diamond lists without permission from Cevaheer.

Cevaheer may restrict the membership of a "Membership Package" to Cevaheer's discretion, and for any reason, to see the diamond inventory.


Various pricing arrangements and service options will be displayed on the Cevaheer website. Cevaheer reserves the right to change the pricing structure from time to time. Any changes will be shown on Cevaheer.


The cancellation fee will be deducted by 20% of the total price paid by the member for the package, provided that the "Membership Packet" party requests a refund by writing to within three (3) days after the first subscription . In the event that the "Membership Pack" uses the service more than these three (3) days, no fees will be paid to the "Membership Pack" party, the member will continue to use the package until the end of the subscription date, will be passive for.

From time to time, technical difficulties can render the service inoperable. Cevaheer does not guarantee uninterrupted service and accepts no responsibility for such interruptions. In the event that access to the Service takes longer than 24 hours, Cevaheer will, on request, extend the package period of the party receiving the "Membership Pack" up to the downtime.

The party receiving the "Membership Package" has accepted and committed not to do the following;

Service of the Republic of Turkey and / or "Membership Package" side of the area found to be used in any way violating the residence law,

Unauthorized access to the Service,

Copying the computer code or the basic logic of the pricing and trading system,

Access to the system in order to copy any feature of the system for use in the software, logic, look and feel, or any competition system,

Post, e-mail or transmit any computer code, viruses, files or programs that interrupts, destroys or restricts the functionality of any computer software, hardware or other equipment,

By attempting to gain unauthorized access or access to the Service or any part of the computer system,

To send or receive any program or virus through computer hardware or software used or provided by the Service,

None of the officers, officers, shareholders, employees, representatives, professional advisors and other representatives of the Affiliate Company or its directors, officers, representatives, and other representatives who are on the Cevaheer through the Cevaheer shall be liable to Cevaheer for a period of twenty four (24) nor shall it enter into any work or cooperation that may be contested,

To change the information provided by Cevaheer, or to change the information provided by Cevaheer.

Property Rights

The "Membership Pack" acknowledges that the domain, the service, the software, the information provided by the service, and the content of the Cevaheer services contain proprietary and confidential information.

The "Membership Pack" area acknowledges that all information provided through Cevaheer belongs to Cevaheer. The "Membership Pack" domain agrees to respect all Cevaheer's intellectual property rights. No copyright, trademark, logo, printed material, online information, or price report of Cevaheer shall be used in any publicity, advertisement or publication without the express written consent of Cevaheer.

The Party receiving the "Membership Pack" acknowledges that the Service is accompanied by all rights, titles and interests of the Software, including, but not limited to, the components and methods of calculation, the information provided by the Service, and the content of the Cevahear Services, including but not limited to and all related Intellectual Property rights and all other proprietary rights and property rights, including, without limitation, all of which are exclusive and exclusive to Cevaheer.

The Parties to the "Membership Pack" agree that you will not or will not directly or indirectly cause Cevaheer's rights, title and interests to be in any way directly or indirectly in any way that could jeopardize the Software, Information, including but not limited to its components and calculation methods, all information provided by the Service, content, or any Intellectual Property and any property or proprietary rights thereto.


The information given is not a recommendation to buy or sell diamonds; value, guarantee, valuation guarantee or purchase or sale offer. Cevaheer does not warrant the accuracy of any information and does not guarantee that any party taking the "Membership Packet" will fulfill any obligations arising from the Service or through the Service. The pricing provided is a value estimate that should only be used as a general guide to price discovery.


The information provided by Cevaheer is based on the diamond rating information listed on the system by the Parties receiving the "Membership Pack". This information may be inaccurate and may result in incorrect pricing or rating analysis. The use of the Service in the "Membership Package" is at its own account and risk, and Cevaheer makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the information listed in the Service of the Party receiving the "Membership Pack".


Diamond grading laboratories and jewelery trade use subjective examination methods. Diamond ratings can vary each time a diamond is submitted for re-examination, and usually vary from laboratory to laboratory depending on the lab's rating standards and the accuracy and training of gemologists. The online pricing and quality information provided by Cevaheer is the result of an automated electronic response system and the limit for such systems. No warranty is given or implied regarding the validity or validity of any information provided by Cevaheer and / or the level of expertise of any information system or person providing information through Cevaheer.

Cevaheer prices or availability information should only be used as a general guideline for the assessment of diamond prices. Cevaheer prices do not take the place of a brilliant physical examiner, a knowledgeable valuer who determines the quality and value of special diamonds. Cevaheer prices are limited in terms of reflecting our view of current market values, based on the explanation and information provided by the Party receiving the "Membership Package". Cevaheer's opinion and / or the accuracy of the rating information provided by a laboratory or vendor is not guaranteed. Diamond pricing and diamond grading is not a definite science. We would like to remind you that the information given by Cevaheer is only helpful information to make a reasonable and rational decision when buying and selling a diamond.

Diamond prices can vary significantly from reseller to reseller. The identity, location and sales conditions of the seller can be a big influence on the price. Many additional factors such as dealer reputation, brand value, jewelery design are important components of value and affect the price of a diamond. Pricing Service does not resolve price differences attributable to various value added proposals provided by vendors. Therefore, our Information is only a guide. The prices offered by Cevaheer may be significantly higher or lower than the actual transaction prices in various markets.

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